Glyph of the word 'he'. and Glyph of the word 'he'.


  • (syl.) glyph for the syllable he in the Kamakawi syllabary
  • (part.) vocative marker (like “hey” or Latin “O” or Arabic “yaa”)
  • (part.) exhortative marker (used as a subject status marker to create commands such as “Let’s go eat” or “Let me think”)
  • (v.) to begin, to start
  • (n.) birth, awakening, realization

He hava uei i heli!
“Let’s eat strawberries!”

Notes: So this iku undoubtedly needs some explanation. Notice that I have it marked as an ikuiku. That’s no accident. Here’s what the original glyph looked like:

Old glyph of the word 'he'.

Ha! Check that out! It’s so gloriously explicit. I don’t think there’s any confusing that image of a woman giving birth.

So that’s where it all came from. Notice the right angle in ma is now turned 90° to the right, as if that glyph is laying down. The only thing that’s missing is the head (lost over time) and the line (never got added). Then that little funky curved line is descended from the being-born child.

And that’s how an abstract looking glyph is actually an ikuiku. Hee, hee…

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