Glyph of the word 'fu'. and Glyph of the word 'fu'.


  • (syl.) glyph for the syllable fu in the Kamakawi syllabary
  • (let.) name of the Zhyler alphabet letter f
  • (n.) the face one makes when blowing out air
  • (v.) to make such a face (the face listed above)

A ha’ale fu o ia i’i.
“Your blowing-out face makes me laugh.”

Notes: The earliest form of fu had a circle for the mouth, but that’s been angularized in the modern form of the glyph. Obviously, this isn’t a word that gets used much, but the glyph does pop up here and there.

Wow, tomorrow I start the letter h. The end is in sight! :D After that, I just have to do the diphthongal glyphs, and I’ll be back to doing regular old words! :mrgreen:

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