Glyph of the word 'ke'. and Glyph of the word 'ke'.


  • (syl.) glyph for the syllable ke in the Kamakawi syllabary
  • (let.) name of the Zhyler alphabet letter k
  • (n.) tooth

Ka fili ei i ke kau!
“I lost a tooth!”

Notes: This is a weird iku. Essentially, the “tooth” is the top part (the little three-sided…tooth-looking thing). That wasn’t big enough to be a glyph, though, so a line was drawn underneath (a similar strategy is used with other glyphs). That little tooth, though, winds up showing up in a lot of other iku (kepi, for example) to (quite usefully) denote the syllable ke. Due its size and funky shape, though, the added toothlet looks like a bizarre little tacked on element. I’d be lying if I said I hate it.

The determined version, of course, is used for the word “tooth”; the undetermined version for all other uses.

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