Glyph of the word 'okeo'.


  • (adj.) mischievous, coy, secretive, clever
  • (v.) to be mischievous, etc.
  • (n.) mischievousness, secrecy
  • (nm.) a boy’s given name

A okeo lea, ho ipe kaneko.
“He’s mischievous, that cat.”

Notes: It’s Caturday! Hooray!

I’m pleased to announce the beginning of a weekly tradition. Every Friday, I’ll be posting a cat picture, and a word relating to cats in some way.

Today’s word, okeo, is the name of my darling cat, Okeo. He’s my very first cat, and he’s a charmer. Take a look at him below:

A picture of my cat Okeo.

The name his foster family had given him was “Oreo”, but when Erin saw it, she thought the upper case “R” looked a bit like a “K”, and thus the name was born. I, of course, had to give it a meaning, and I based the meaning on my cat, as well as the shape of the iku.

You see, the iku looks as if it’s built off the syllabic iku fu, but it actually has nothing to do with it—or with the syllabic glyphs for o or ke or even eo. The glyph is actually a stylized picture of something that happened early on in Okeo’s life.

On Okeo’s first night at home, my wife went to sleep, and Okeo decided this meant it was time to get up and play. We set up a barricade so he wouldn’t go downstairs (we wanted him to get used to the house bit by bit), and I figured he wouldn’t even want to go down there, so I wasn’t paying very much attention to him. While at my computer, though, I heard a noise. I turned around, and I couldn’t find him. The barricade was in tact, so I pulled off a couple of pillows to see what was up. Sure enough, there he was, staring up at me from the top step. He’d broken through the perimeter!

Quick as a flash, he darted downstairs. He could’ve been anywhere: In the pantry, under one of the two couches, under the table, hiding in a box. Then I thought I heard something. I went to our TV stand and peered underneath it, and sure enough: There he was, regarding me pensively, waiting to see what I would do.

And that’s what the iku above is. The box-looking thing is our TV stand, and the little “v” shape under it is Okeo’s face peering out at me from underneath it.

He’s a pretty clever and mischievous little creature, so I thought the definition provided above would suit the Kamakawi word okeo well. Thus the Kamakawi logography, which I’d sworn was finished, is expanded yet again by a single glyph!

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3 Responses to “Okeo”

  1. Ka kavaka Sylvia Sotomayor ti:

    What a beautiful cat!

  2. Ka kavaka Jim Henry ti:

    râm suw-fwa gŏ.

  3. Ka kavaka David J. Peterson ti:

    Thanks, Jim! By the way, I love how râm is onomatopoeic. :)

    (If you want to figure out what Jim said, go here.)

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