Glyph of the word 'muve'.


  • (n.) feather
  • (adj.) feathery, feathered
  • (adj.) soft (like a feather)

A muve ie noliku oi’i.
“The feather is my enemy.”

Notes: For this caturday, I decided to show a picture of my warrior cat Okeo in fighting form:

Another picture of my cat Okeo.

For my birthday, my sister gave us this little plastic stick with feathers on the end, and Okeo is absolutely nuts for it. He attacks it viciously, sometimes wresting it from our grasp and stalking away with it. He is quite a cat!

I thought that I could make a reasonable feather with this iku, but it doesn’t really look much like a feather… Too fat and squat. Kind of looks like a helmet… Anyway, it was intended to be a picture of a feather, so an ikuiku it is.

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