Glyph of the word 'keli'.


  • (v.) to flutter
  • (v.) to trail behind, to leave a trial, to leave a wake (as with a boat)
  • (v.) to fly (as with a flag)
  • (v.) to wave (as with a flag)
  • (adj.) flying, waving (said of a flag)
  • (n.) tail
  • (n.) trail (that has been left behind)

Oku kopu ia ie keli o ei oku!
“Don’t touch my tail!”

Notes: Happy Caturday!

The word keli began either as “wake”, in general, or as “fluttering”, or some variant thereof. It was extended liberally to include all things that trail along after one, including animal tails.

Speaking of animal tails, here’s a picture of my cat, Okeo!

Another picture of my cat Okeo.

Quite an amusing one here. If you’ll notice in the photo, there’s a tiny little speck of something on the ground right below Okeo’s nose. That’s a piece of litter from Okeo’s litter box. For whatever reason, on this day, Okeo decided that that piece of litter was his prey. He kind of tossed it out of the bathroom, then sank down low, narrowing his eyes. And then, without warning and with terrible ferocity, he pounced mercilessly on the little piece of litter, claiming it as his own and teaching it a lesson all at once.

This picture was taken just after he pounced. He was staring the piece of litter down, but as he heard me approach, he raised his eyes to me, defiantly, ready to fend off any would-be predator who would challenge his claim to the piece of litter. Naturally terrified, I left him to it, though I did take his photograph. He didn’t seem to mind.

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