Glyph of the word 'enoku'.


  • (n.) mouth (of an animal, not a human)

Olu enoku o amo ima!
“Its mouth is wide open!”

Notes: Holy smoke! This iku is messed up! So, from what I can gather, enoku is built off the syllabic iku for ku (the bottom of which [the part that looks like a “v”] can be taken for e). Then the part that’s closing up the bottom is like an inverted no, which is simply a triangle, and as for the top… Well, what I think I did was I incorporated the characteristic shape of the iku for ke. There is no ke in enoku, of course, but ke itself means “tooth”, and “tooth” has something to do with “mouth”. So, there it is!

I suppose I should make a note here about how it’s common for languages to have separate body part terms for animals than they do for humans, but…nah.

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