The Great Reading Competition

It came to pass one day that Will came across Dave in a clearing. Dave was, of course, minding his own business, pondering the many wonders of the universe, when Will struck him from behind, nearly toppling him over. “I say!” declared Dave. “Rather!” declared Will, who threw his glove onto the ground. Dave picked up his glove, and thus began the Great Reading Competition.

What Is It?

The rules are fairly simple: Dave and Will agree to a category (say, Eastern European Literature), then agree to a length of time (three months, six months, etc.), and within that time period, each tries to read as many books that fall into the agreed upon category in the allotted time period. To ensure that one doesn’t simply read a dozen short books, the pair have agreed to go by page count (though a book’s pages only count when the book has been completed successfully). Judging is based on the honor system. Whoever has read the most pages in the time allotted is declared the winner, and receives the coveted Golden Egret Award.

Il Miglior Fabbro

The best competitor of the previous pentad is bestowed the honor of bearing the title Il Miglior Fabbro. Said competitor may proudly claim the title until the end of the next pentad, at which point in time they will either retain the title, or surrender to the new winner.

The current bearer of the title Il Miglior Fabbro is Will.

The award for the winner of the most recent pentad in the Great Reading Competition.