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The Pearl
John Steinbeck

The Pearl is about a poor Mexican pearl farmer named Kino—and there’s your first problem…

The Terminal Man
Michael Crichton

In this Crichton novel, the dinosaur is a man who has a near-fatal accident, the result of which are seizures. What kind of seizures, you might ask? Why, killing seizures, of course…

Jennifer Roberson

There’s no need to read this book…

William Faulkner

I wasn’t ready to read Sanctuary when I did, and I imagine that I’m going to have to give it another shot. Despite that, I can safely say this one isn’t Faulkner’s best…

To a God Unknown
John Steinbeck

This book is extremely stupid. I can’t believe I actually finished it…

Eaters of the Dead
Michael Crichton

Michael Crichton

Why, I wonder, can’t a research team peacefully enter the African jungle to obtain a mysterious diamond that will give its owners unspeakable power, obtain said diamond, and leave without incident…?

How to Eat Fried Worms
Thomas Rockwell

This book should never have been written…

La Bohème
Giacomo Puccini

What a stupid, stupid libretto…

Ninja Gaiden
A. L. Singer

This is a book that was based on the old Nintendo game Ninja Gaiden. It might seem unfair of me to review a book which could never even hope to get a D in any possible world, but, well, I did read it, and I have a bone to pick…