LLL Contributors

A picture of Dave in sepia tone.David J. Peterson was born with a quill in his hand and a sneer on his face. He penned his first novel at 17, and promptly declared it rubbish. Since then, he has failed to read a book that has pleased him.

Though he despises reading and literature of all kinds, David is most likely to be found reading 19th century Russian literature; epic literature from antiquity; or the works of the early moderns. He’s steadfastly refused to read anything that was written after the year of his birth. He also possesses the unique ability to determine the character and quality of a book simply by examining its cover.

A picture of John in sepia tone. As a child, Will McPherson would spend inordinate amounts of time staring at the sun, though, unlike Wang Jung, one of the famous seven sages of the Bamboo grove, he could not do this without becoming dazzled. As an adult, his idealism became so acute that even books read in his dreams filled him with rage, and he would toss about in his sleep, railing against the inadequacy of contemporary literature.

A historian by training, he is often seen rootling amongst the archives, like a boar searching for acorns, or stealing away from the library with books in his hands, like Samson carrying honey from the corpse of a lion. His personality resembles that of Nerval’s lobster.

  • Favorite Book: The Mahabharata by Vyasa
  • Favorite Writer: Jorge Luis Borges
  • Favorite Endnotist: Sir Richard Francis Burton
  • Favorite Footnotist: Edward Gibbon
  • Fictional Doppelgänger: Joseph Finsbury
The award for the winner of the most recent pentad in the Great Reading Competition.

A picture of Erin in black and white.Erin Peterson, at the time a McPherson and related to both the mountain and valley Tastos, began reading at an early age and with great and varied appetite. Upon reaching marriageable age she naturally sought to hide this unusual and unwholesome pursuit for fear of being thought a bluestocking and decreasing her worth in camels. While not enthusiastic when presented to Mr. Peterson, her family supposed she might do much worse, and so after the requisite exchange of livestock they were married. Once safely married she had hoped to be able to resume her former habits only to discover in her husband a sort of strange literary tyrant. Rather than restrict herself to the literature which is all he can tolerate, she now reads in secret as the sole act of rebellion in her unhappy marriage.

  • Favorite Book: Cyteen by C. J. Cherryh
  • Favorite Writer: Connie Willis
  • Favorite Film Adaptation: Persuasion (from the book of the same name)
  • Least Favorite Adaptation: Howl’s Moving Castle (from the book of the same name)
  • Fictional Doppelgänger: Françoise Appledehli (a.k.a. Edward Wong Hau Pepulu Tivruskii 4th)

A picture of John in sepia tone.John Yap evaluated literature in college. Since then, having embarked on a grownup career filled with treatises instead of books, he has rediscovered the simple pleasure of fiction reading. Due to his limited attention span, John finds it difficult to read books published before the invention of television. His weak memory also inhibits him, without the aid of Wikipedia, from reviewing books read over three months earlier. John Yap also disfavors writing in the third person, preferring the second.

  • Favorite Book: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
  • Least Favorite Book: Young Hearts Crying by Richard Yates
  • Favorite Place to Obtain Books: Arcadia Public Library (Arcadia, CA) and Stories (Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA)
  • Least Favorite Place to Obtain Books: General Bookstore
  • Fictional Doppelgänger: Toru Okada