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Master of the Millennium.

Hot Tub Abyss

On the death of Literature, as we know it: Nude in Your Hot Tub, Facing the Abyss.

On Real Poetry

From Fujiwara Teika’s Superior Poems of Our Time (early 13th century): The students of the art among the younger generation today […]

Aesthetics of the Toilet

From Jun’ichirō Tanizaki’s In Praise of Shadows (1933): Every time I am shown to an old, dimly lit, and, I would […]

Selected Religious Poems of Solomon Ibn Gabirol
Solomon Ibn Gabirol

Solomon Ibn Gabirol was born in Malaga, around the year 1021. When he was sixteen, he began a poem, “I am the Master, and Song is my slave…”

Leopoldina’s Dream
Silvina Ocampo

The stories in Leopoldina’s Dream are, for the most part, concerned with strange, terrible things that go unnoticed by most people, because they take place in the world of children…