About This Weblog

Welcome to Literature, Literature, Literature: A weblog dedicated to literature. The raison d’être of this blog is to serve as an outlet for myself and a few friends of mine who are dedicated readers, but who have, for one reason or another, gone on to do things outside of the literary world. Here you will find our rantings and ravings related to what we are reading, what we have read, and what we have yet to read (and, occasionally, what we shall never read).

While there are bound to be a number of chatty posts here, there are also “official” book reviews. A review will contain some basic information about the book (author, title, cover image, etc.), plus a review by me (or one of my associates), accompanied by a grade. This grade will tell you what the reviewer thought of the book. If you’re looking for a key to the grades given to books, I’ve presented it below this very paragraph. Behold!

  • Great Books
    • A+ = Read this at least once before you die.
    • A = An excellent book.
    • A- = Definitely worth reading.

  • Good Books
    • B+ = Probably worth reading.
    • B = Probably worth reading if you like the genre/author/time period, etc.
    • B- = Worth taking along on a train.

  • Mediocre Books
    • C+ = Read this only if you have some ulterior motive (e.g. you want to read everything a particular author has written, you received this book as a gift, etc.).
    • C = Read this only if you have a pressing ulterior motive (e.g. the friend who gave you the book as a gift will be violently insulted if you don’t read it, etc.).
    • C- = Say that you read this if you have a pressing ulterior motive.

  • Bad Books
    • D = Don’t sully yourself by saying you’ve read this, even if you have a pressing ulterior motive.

  • For the Trash Heap
    • F = If somehow you are forced to read this book, seek therapy.

The rating, of course, is just an opinion, so take it with a lump of sugar. In addition, each review will link to the Amazon.com description of the book in question (where possible, of the very edition that was read), and will contain a picture of the cover (since pictures serve wonderfully as dividers).

Finally, below the rank, you’ll find the number of times the reviewer has read the book in question, and the date (listed as a season and a year, or just a year [or several years]) on or during which the reviewer last read it.

Since this is a WordPress blog, there are certain features that work very well right out of the box when it comes to categorization. One of these is tags. Since I want the reader to be able to search by rating, author and genre, I decided to assign ratings to categories, and both genres and authors to tags. This should facilitate searching, and help you find related books that you might be interested in reading (e.g. short ones).

[Note: In June 2006, this site was moved from the old html address to a new, shiny php address. Now each book review has the date it was added. All the old reviews were added pretty much at once, but starting with A Tale of Two Cities, the chronological ordering of all the reviews is correct. But this is why most months have between one and four reviews, and June 2006 has 130.]