La Bohème

Giacomo Puccini

Cover of La Bohème

Rank: D
No. Times Read: 1
Last Read: Winter, 2004

Author Name: Giacomo Puccini

Review: What a stupid, stupid libretto. I read this thing in English (occasionally glancing at the French side), and was flabbergasted at how stupid the things people say in this opera are. If the singing is good, fine—just get rid of the words. I can’t even begin to imagine people prancing around on stage saying this stuff. It’s silly. Why would anyone read a poem that wasn’t any good? Further, why would someone want to watch this same poem being sung on stage with prancing, sets and the whole bit? I don’t get it.

The story itself is about two artists (one, at least, a playwright) who are so poor they have to burn their works of art just to keep warm. Then a woman comes into the picture, there’s confusion, turmoil, consumption, etc. I bet the ending is neat to see. See. As for just reading the libretto, there’s just no point. I only did it because it was lying around, and the text was in English, French, Italian and German. Put anything into four different languages, and I’ll read it. That’s my motto.

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