Rising Sun

Michael Crichton

Cover of Rising Sun

Rank: D
No. Times Read: 1
Last Read: Winter, 1994

Author Name: Michael Crichton

Review: Why do this? Why? Think how much time it takes to read a book. Think how many waffles you could prepare and consume in the time it’d take you to finish a four hundred page book. That’s a whole lot of waffles! So why on Earth would anyone ever read a book that wasn’t any good? I just don’t understand it. I will tell you why I read this book. In junior high, I liked Michael Crichton books. I read quite a few. This was one of the first ones I read. In retrospect, I don’t think it was worthwhile. After all, there are no dinosaurs in this one. In Rising Sun, the dinosaurs are sinister Japanese businessmen. In other words, this is simply the tired old “Japanese are taking over the world!” 80s stereotype played out over four hundred miserable pages. And the cover of the book I read didn’t even have Sean Connery on it. What a worthless endeavor. I feel stupid for having read this waste of trees. Yech. I feel dirty. I’m going to go brush my teeth. While I’m doing that, take some time to not read this book. I think you’ll find it’s time well spent.

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  1. John Yap says:

    This book was feces smeared on pulp. At least the film version had a karate scene and some toplessness.

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